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Hacienda Limon,
 Los Rios Province, Ecuador


Samuel von Rutte


Arriba Nacional


Heirloom Cacao Preservation 


The Guayas Basin, where the Hacienda Limon Farm is locasted, is one of the most fertile areas along the Pacific coast. The abundant water resources and volcanic soils, rich in minerals and organic matter, make for perfect cocoa growing conditions.


The trees at Hacienda Limon are unique in that Samuel von Rutte sources eh genetic stock from the Rockefeller Foundation’s Genback dating back to the 1950s.

Upon harvest, the beans are pre-dried before fermentation which significantly affects the process and reduces both the acidity and the bitterness. The resulting beans are rich in caramel and nutty flavour.

Sourdough & Sea Salt 66% £6.25
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Rye Crumb, Milk & Sea Salt 60% £6.25
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Drinking Chocolate - Ecuador 61% - Hacienda Limon £12.45
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Brown Bread 40% £6.25
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Ecuador - Hacienda Limon 85% £6.25
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Ecuador 66% & Workshop Coffee Murray Cooper £6.25
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Ecuador - Hacienda Limon 100% £6.25
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Ecuador - Dark Milk 60% £6.25
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Four x Mini Bars - Sourdough & Salt 66% £9.60
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Cocoa Nibs - Ecuador 100% - Hacienda Limon £10.00
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White Baking Pastilles - Ecuador White 44% – Hacienda Limon £12.45
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Unsweetened Baking Pastilles - Ecuador 100% – Hacienda Limon £12.45
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Four x Mini Bars - Ecuador 85% £9.60
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