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Akesson’s Organic Estate, Ambanja, Sambirano Valley


Bertil Akesson


Forestero and Trinitario from Bejofo

Criollo (Heirloom Cacao Preservation Accredited)


Certified Organic - Ecocert and NOP


This 2300 hectare family estate, close to Ambanja in the Sambirano Valley, has produced world-famous aromatic cocoa since 1920. Bertil Akesson also farms vanilla and spices including pepper, which provides shade for the cacao trees. We buy from two different regions of this large estate – a combination of Forastero and Trinitario from the Bejofo Area and some of Bertil’s small crop of Criollo beans recently awarded HCP status. Tasting these two beans side by side is a fascinating exploration of the role of varietal in flavour expression.


The two beans we buy from Bertil share some characteristics; both distinctly fruity, but whereas the Bejofo-originating Forastero/Trinitario beans have a vivacious lime and tropical fruit character, the Criollo beans are lighter in colour but reveal a sweeter, more red berry flavour.

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Milk Baking Pastilles - Madagascar Milk 58% – Akesson's Organic Estate £12.45
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Cocoa Nibs - Madagascar 100% - Akesson's Organic Estate £10.00
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