by Joanna Brennan June 25, 2021 2 min read

    Tulloch Estates in Jamaica

    Above: Tulloch Estates, St. Catherine, Jamaica

    Drawing on our expertise in baking, we have teamed up with the family-run Tulloch Estates in Jamaica to create ‘The Fermentation Project’ 76% bar. A dark single-origin chocolate with a unique taste and flavour profile attributed to a world-first technique: introducing a bakery-style ‘starter’ to the cocoa bean fermentation process.

    This signature process is the result of a collaborative effort between our co-founder Chris Brennan and Tulloch Estates's Roger Turner. Pulling from years of baking experience and a fascination with fermentation, Chris applied his knowledge to the cocoa finishing process. Teamed with Roger’s command of the cocoa beans, they devised this new technique.

    Traditionally, cocoa bean fermentation is a spontaneous and uncontrolled process, characterised by a succession of particular microbial activities that surround the beans. The heterogeneity of this process means that when we receive beans from the select farms we work with, on average 5% of the bag is unfermented, meaning chocolate flavour can change from batch to batch.

    Roger Turner and Tulloch Estates cocoa beans

    Above: Roger Turner and Tulloch Estates cocoa beans.

    In contrast, this new unique and signature method, introduces a bakery-style ‘starter’ to the cocoa bean fermentation, resulting in more controlled microbial activity and revolutionising a key step in the cocoa bean journey. The results are immediately evident in the finished chocolate. Delicate, fruit forward aromas are now perfectly balanced against acidic notes and rich chocolate flavours. This allows for a purer and more consistent expression of the fine cocoa beans from Tulloch Estates farm.

    Sourdough has always been at the heart of what we're about. We are now so proud to present our new ‘The Fermentation Project’ 76% bar. An immediately smooth and creamy bar, with notes of raisins, toffee and hints of toasted hazelnut, the bar boasts a delicate balance of acidity and is extremely satisfying, giving you a rich chocolate experience.

    Try our new bar here. You can also browse our wider collection of craft chocolate bars.