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    We test and develop each recipe to ensure we are making the most superb bread and pastries possible. We make each one by hand using only the finest ingredients: no preservatives, no additives, no softeners. We are proud members of the Real Bread Campaign. Our bread and pastries are sold only on the day they were made so that they reach you at their absolute best.


    The ultimate crusty, moist baker’s loaf, sourdough rises using natural yeasts present in the air and on grains. These yeasts are cultivated and nurtured to form a sourdough starter, a portion of which is mixed into the dough each day. The breads rise in baskets that leave beautiful patterns, and are then baked on the oven floor. Sourdough’s characteristic slightly tart flavour is the perfect foil for butter and jam.

    White Sourdough Our recently re-invented white sourdough with an even more crusty exterior and an open, moist crumb. Perfect with savoury foods or makes great toast with jam and butter. Will keep well, especially uncut.

    Brown Sourdough A classic brown sourdough made with white flour and wholewheat flour. It’s toasty, moist and not heavy - a versatile brown sourdough.

    40% Rye A small, nutty sourdough loaf made with 40% rye flour and 60% wheat flour. Perfect with smoked fish.

    100% Rye Our only loaf made without wheat flour, this is 100% rye flour and made with a rye sourdough starter. Also great with smoked fish and its firmness means its perfect for canapés.

    Baguette A traditional French baguette made with sourdough starter for flavour and baker’s yeast. This is best eaten on the day it was made. Try with local ham and Dijon mustard, or butter and jam!

    Seeded Sourdough Our classic white sourdough mixed with a variety of seeds both in the dough and on the exterior. Best eaten immediately.

    Rye & Seeds A mix of wholewheat and rye sourdough with toasted seeds mixed in and on the top. A very moist loaf. Best eaten immediately.

    Walnut and Cherry Our white sourdough mixed with Californian sour cherries and walnuts. Great with soft cheese.

    Malt & Ale A malty loaf made with ale from Earl Soham brewery and red malt and seeds - baked on Saturdays only.



    We love sourdough. It's a fascinating, delicious bread. But we also recognise the familiarity and comfort that comes from a classic, crusty tinned loaf, and we make them daily for those times when only a farmhouse loaf will do. All of our tinned loaves are made without artificial additives or processing aids, from locally milled flour.

    Orford White A classic white tin loaf made with strong white flour from Marriage’s Millers in Essex. Comes in many shapes and sizes.

    Orford Granary A classic granary loaf made with a grainy flour from Marriage’s Millers in Essex. Again, comes in many different shapes and sizes.



    Bigger is not always better, so we have a few rolls and buns for when small is all you need. Our soft Hamburger Buns are made with white and wholemeal flour and a touch of sugar and egg to make a bun that can stand up, in texture and flavour, to a thick, juicy burger or rashers of bacon. We also make mini baguettes, perfect for a sandwich for one or to dunk in a bowl of soup.

    Buns Made with a mixture of wholewheat and white flour, perfect for bacon sandwiches or filled rolls.

    Brioche Buns A rich, buttery roll with shine from an egg glaze - perfect for a burger or lobster roll.

    Baguettes and Mini Baguettes A traditional French baguette made with sourdough starter for flavour and baker’s yeast. This is best eaten on the day it was made. Try with local ham and Dijon mustard, or butter and jam!

    Seeded Baguettes A half-size traditional baguette crusted with sesame seeds that toast as it bakes in the oven.

    Montreal Bagels Hand rolled unsalted dough, boiled in honey and water, baked on the floor of the oven as they do in Montreal. Very different to other bagels!



    These flaky, buttery pastries are available first thing in the morning at the bakery, while supplies last! Made by layering French pastry butter with a delicate yeasted dough, our croissants, pains au chocolat, pains aux raisins and bear claws are crisp on the outside and tender inside. A touch of Vienna and Paris by the seaside.

    Croissant A traditional all butter croissant made by hand by layering a yeasted dough with French butter and rolling into a crescent shape.

    Pain au chocolat Our handmade croissant dough with two sticks of our own 60% Ecuador Dark Milk chocolate inside.

    Pain aux raisins Our handmade croissant dough brushed with custard and dotted with raisins then rolled and sliced into rounds.

    Bear claw Croissant dough folded over a light almond frangipane (almond paste and pastry cream). Dusted with icing sugar.

    Pain aux amandes A traditional croissant, split in two, dipped in an Armagnac syrup and filled and coated with frangipane then a layer of sliced almonds. Deliciously rich.



    We worked for months now to achieve the perfect crisp, sweet pastry base for our tarts. You’ll find them here on the weekends, differing according to the season.

    Apple Turnover Our own puff pastry folded over a mix of Cox’s apples, cinnamon and sugar (from High House Farm whenever possible, usually September – March).

    Friand A small almondy cake with a piece of seasonal fresh fruit. Gluten Free.

    Pastéis de Nata A traditional Portuguese tart made with puff pastry and custard, cooked at a high tempterature to ensure a crisp crust and caramelized top.

    Butter Tart A Canadian delicacy of buttery pastry, raisins, pecans and maple butter filling. Similar to pecan pie.

    Grenada 70% Brownie Made with our own complex dark chocolate, butter, sugar, flour and eggs, this is a fudgy, rich and dense brownie

    Gibassier A breakfast pastry from Provence, gibassiers are made of an enriched dough studed with orange peel and flavoured with anissed and orange flower water. Hot out of the oven they are brushed with clarified butter and sprinkled with sugar.

    Eccles Cake Our version of the Lancashire classic. Our puff pastry jam-packed with the best Voztizza currants, a mix of spices, Armagnac and brown sugar. Amazing with Lancashire Cheese.

    Palmiers Puff pastry and sugar rolled into a leaf shape and crisped and caramelized in a hot oven.

    Doughnuts Our own lemony enriched dough, fried in peanut oil and filled with either raspberry, rhubarb and redcurrant jam or fresh custard.