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St Vincent


St Vincent Cocoa Company


Harry Marriott & Andrew Hadley and Co-operative Farmers


Mixed Varietals


St. Vincent and the 30 Grenadine Islands have rich, volcanic soil thanks to the active volcano La Soufriere. Added to that intercropping with short cycle crops of banana, plantain, ginger and maize, and use of timber trees such as mahogany for shade cover, there is a rich ecosystem and healthy soil for cacao trees to grow. The cacao trees’ strong root structure is being used to prevent soil erosion in this wet climate and on the hilly agricultural land.


Fine beans of a very good quality, with a classic Caribbean flavour profile of balanced richness, fresh and dried fruit, and a hint of rum and spice.
St Vincent Malted Milk 58% £6.25
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Drinking Chocolate - St Vincent 75% £12.45
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