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Our Values

 Pump Street Bakery & Chocolate Shop Team laughing Pump Street Chocolate Making Process

Everything we do at Pump Street is driven by the values that we have instilled in the business from day one. Although our work and product offering has grown and developed, the same principles that guided our growth at the start continue to do so now, and are held by our team as well as embodied in our actions.

It is our hope and intention that these values resonate with everyone we work with, from our suppliers to our customers, and we work hard at ensuring this is the case.

Flavour and Quality

Our focus is on making the very best; from the most delicious naturally-leavened bread and handmade pastries at our bakery to the finest craft chocolate at our chocolate factory.

We are fixated on uncompromised quality. We constantly look at ways we can improve and refine every stage of our meticulous sourcing and making process to bring you the very best products we can make.


Our chocolate, like our bread, is pure and simple. The majority of our bars are made with just cocoa, cocoa butter and a touch of cane sugar. We believe in adding few ingredients to our bars; this allows the complexity of the bean to shine.


Supporting the cocoa farmers we work with is essential. Through a transparent, ethical, and sustainable supply chain and direct trade we are able to pay prices far greater than fair trade, direct to our growers. 

Farmers are able to take home a fair wage and give the same to their team members, and to maintain their land and trees in environmentally responsible ways.


We strive to be an ethical and environmentally conscious business. From working directly with our farmers in sourcing the best beans grown with minimal intervention, to adopting plastic-free compostable packaging, we are continually trying to evolve and keep up with best practice in sustainability.


We are a family-run company made up of bakers and chocolate makers. Based in bountiful Suffolk, everything we make is a reflection of the finest produce, farming and agriculture that surround us.


We get as much pleasure from exploring new ways to create the very best chocolate and baked goods possible as our customers get from eating it.