• The Food Lovers Gift Guide

    by Kyle Caddey November 21, 2023 2 min read

    The Food Lovers Gift Guide

    Discover the perfect gifts to satisfy every type of food enthusiast in your life this holiday season. From the seasonal planner to the curious baker, we have you covered.

    For the Seasonally Obsessed

    Mainly Breakfast Seasonal Calendar

    The Seasonal Eating Calendar by Mainly Breakfast is a year-round guide for seasonal eating. Discover peak-season produce for each month of the year and be inspired by this list of flavourful recipes featured throughout.

    For the Baker

    The Baker Book by Papier

    Each and every baking adventure can be tracked and treasured with the Baker’s Recipe Journal by Papier. The beautifully illustrated hardback includes dedicated sections to help organise recipes and keep track of notes and measurements. A baker’s dream!

    For the Tea Lover

    Potoru Enamel Kettle

    A true tea lover can never have too many teapots. Thanks to its enamel coating, the beautifully designed Potoru Enamel Kettle functions both as a kettle and teapot, which helps it move seamlessly from stove to cup and makes it the ideal addition for any camping trip. 

    For the Data Analyst  

    Zoe Technology

    The more you know, the better, especially when it comes to how what we consume affects our bodies. Tim Spector’s Zoe technology helps users analyse their own unique gut responses to food through a wearable device that provides insight into ways to improve long-term health, while at the same time contributing to the world’s largest ever healthy study.

    For the Aspiring Butcher

    HORL 2 Kin Knives Knife Sharpener

    Not all knives are created equal, but one thing is for sure: a sharp knife will make any preparation scenario in the kitchen all the more enjoyable. The Kin Knives Knife Sharpener takes all of the guesswork that comes attached to a whetstone out of the equation. No soaking is required, and it gets the perfect angle every time.

    For the Romantic 

    Hungry Heart: A Story of Food and Love

    Emotions and food go hand in hand. In Clare Finney’s latest book, A Hungry Heart: A Story of Food and Love she connects the way in which food influences our relationships with others through her own personal memories. 

    For the G&T Enthusiast 

    Little Palais Gin & Fig Leaf Tonic

    Big things are coming out of Little Palais, the neighbourhood bar and bottle shop based in St. Ives on the Cornish coast. Their Gin and Fig Leaf Tonic is a G&T lover's dream. Each bottle is crafted from a bespoke mix of dried botanicals, fresh-cut fig leaves, house gin, and a hint of citrus.

    For the Pudding Connoisseur

    Brickell’s Cinnamon Toast Ice Cream

    The end of any meal is made all the better with a follow-up scoop or two of Brickell’s Cinnamon Toast ice cream. Based in Somerset, the brand makes French custard-style ice cream with no stabilizers, emulsifiers, preservatives or artificial flavourings.