• Our Drinking Chocolate Recipe

    by Joanna Brennan November 23, 2023 2 min read

    Pink tins of Pump Street drinking chocolate

    With the arrival of the colder days and evenings now is the perfect time to share our method for making a mug of drinking chocolateIt's a recipe we've developed using our flaked chocolate, crafted from beans sourced from three different origins and single-farms, each with its own distinct flavour.

    85% Drinking Chocolate from Ecuador

    Tasting Notes: Toffee, toasted walnut and cocoa
    Farm: Hacienda Limon, Los Rios Province 

      75% Drinking Chocolate from Jamaica

      Tasting Notes: Toasted Grain, Dried Fruit and Rum
      Farm: Bachelor’s Hall Estate, Saint Thomas

        70% Drinking Chocolate from Bali

        Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar, Prune and Hazelnut
        Farm: Kerta Semaya Samaniya Cooperative, Jembrana

          The recipe in the video uses ourJamaica 75% drinking chocolate — a favourite among our customers and my family alike. 

          To prepare your mug of drinking chocolate, you'll need:

          • Your preferred type of milk (I recommend whole milk for its creaminess)
          • A saucepan
          • A spoon for measuring
          • A whisk
          • Your selected choice of drinking chocolate flakes
          • And, of course, your favourite mug.

            Follow these simple steps:

            1. Gently warm about 200 millilitres of milk in a saucepan. Avoid bringing it to a boil to maintain the milk's quality.
            2. Add three heaping tablespoons (approximately 35 grams) of drinking chocolate flakes to the warm milk.
            3. Continuously whisk the mixture over medium heat until the chocolate dissolves and the mixture thickens. You'll notice the colour deepening as the chocolate melts into the milk.
            4. If necessary, reduce the heat to prevent the milk from boiling.
            5. Once your chocolate is velvety, pour it into your favourite mug.

              One of the things I love about our drinking chocolate is that with its range of flavours and its richness, it's as much for adults as it is for children. Browse our collection of three single origin drinking chocolates.

              Drinking Chocolate Flakes Birds Eye View