Pump Street Chocolate

Pump Street Anti Racism Working Group - Meeting One Summary

July 08, 2020

Six weeks ago we posted a message from our co-founder Joanna on our social media platforms. This post was in reaction to the killing of George Floyd, the wave of grief and protest his death triggered, and how we as a business need to take responsibility as to the part white people play in systematic racism.




To make a lasting change in our organisation we created Pump Street Anti Racism Working Group, a group made up of board members and representatives across our business. On the 24th June 2020 we had our first meeting, we’ve published the summary of this meeting below. We will post our updates in this space as we read, listen, learn and make changes within our business. This is very much a starting point, but you’re welcome to read the summary of our first working group meeting, you can download the summary here