• Keep the romance alive with our ultimate fermented gift guide

    by Mary Bowkett February 05, 2019 3 min read

    Keep the romance alive with our ultimate fermented gift guide

    Keep the romance alive and give the gift of good bacteria this Valentine's Day with our ultimate fermented gift guide.

    Here you will find our top picks of alternative gifts, from hot and cold brews, breads and pickles, to give that very special someone this February. All made with thanks to a lot of tiny bacteria working their magic for us. 

    Kombucha from L.A Brewery 

    Kombucha from LA Brewery

    Give the gift of bubbles (not that kind) with this living tea filled with bacteria. The top of our Kombucha list is Suffolk friend Louise Avery's L.A Brewery with their three delicious bottles of kombucha. All made with a symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria (aka SCOBY) and fruit and speciality tea blend their flavours are: fragrant Lemongrass, sweet and spicy Strawberry and Black Pepper and their vibrant Fijian Ginger.  

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    Kefir from London Fermentary

    Kefir from London Fermentary

    Want a cultured romance? Give the gift of water kefir from cultured food and drinks experts, London Fermentary. Paying attention to raw ingredients, flowers and wild herbs they've mastered the art of flavour, refinement, beauty and complexity in small batch fermented products.

    The best romantic offerings are live, sweet and fizzy and the London Fermentary company certainly offer that. Their water kefir is a raw and unpasteurized fermented drink, fed on organic cane sugar and flavoured with the highest quality seasonal raw fruits and herbs - just lovely.

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    Coffee from Workshop

    Workshop Coffee

    Our friends at Workshop Coffee source, roast and brew the best beans possible from quality-driven producers, making clean, sweet tasting coffee with distinct features dependant on origin. 

    The perfect drinkable floral gift; Workshop's new Simbi Coffee, hand-picked, depulped and wet fermented, soaked and dried on raised beds from Butare, Huye, Rwanda. With its hints of nectarine and white flowers in its aroma, this coffee is the perfect and tasty alternative to your traditional bunch of flowers.

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    Sourdough from Pump Street Bakery 

    Pump Street Bakery sourdough

    Let the heat rise and grab a loaf of our very own Pump Street Bakery sourdough bread. Mastering our sourdough craft since 2010 and still one of our top sellers at our bakery in Orford.

    We make each loaf by hand, naturally leavened, using only the finest ingredients: no preservatives, additives or softeners. We are proud members of the Real Bread Campaign. Our bread is sold on the day it's made so that it reaches the customer at its absolute very best.

    Simple and delicious - why not take a romantic trip to Orford to trial this signature.

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    Sourdough and Seasalt 66% Bar from Pump Street Chocolate

    Pump Street Chocolate

    While we're talking Pump Street, let's turn the focus to our chocolate - yes, a more traditional gift for Valentine's. With a reliance on fermentation, quality of ingredients and process, chocolate was the natural step from baking. Cocoa beans are fermented on the farm before being dried and shipped to us to be made into chocolate. 

    Merging these two Pump Street signatures - dark chocolate and sourdough, we now have our extremely popular Sourdough and Sea Salt 66% chocolate bar. Your award-worthy partner deserves an award-winning bar.

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    Sauerkraut from Eaten Alive

    Eaten Alive Kimchi

    For some raw fermented foods that pack a flavoursome punch, we recommend Eaten Alive. Their offerings include spicy, mild or golden Kimchi, scotch bonnet and chilli sauce, and our particular favourite made from the sturdy, classic white cabbage, their sauerkraut. 

    Offering something more complex and intense than any relationship, the flavours used are aromatic and robust, and truly shine a light on the humble cabbage.

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