• Love is Love: Unique Valentines Gifts For Everyone

    by Joanna Brennan February 06, 2023 3 min read

    four ideas for valentines gifts for everyone

    We take a simple approach to Valentine’s Day, embracing it as an occasion to be inspired - not obliged. The fun comes from having the excuse to treat someone special to anything they’ll enjoy (not just ‘her’ or 'him’ but whoever you admire or appreciate). 

    With that said, here’s a Valentine’s gift guide rooted in the freedom to express love in the way you choose. It might be with a wild-looking bouquet, a chocolate box bearing sweet sentiments, or an escape to a tiny cabin. These are gifts that, to us, feel inclusive to all kinds of “I-love-yous”

    A Bouquet of Blooms 

    Present them with fresh, hand-picked flowers. 

    A visit to the Southwold Flower Company’s Suffolk farm will be an opportunity to pick the blooms yourself (just turn up, they’re open between 9am-4pm Monday-Saturday and 10am-3pm every Sunday). Alternatively, their online shop is full of bouquets for delivery (we like this seasonal gift bouquet and their Valentine's-perfect rose bouquet)

    All delivery information can be seen here.

    Tubs of Ice Cream 

    Brickell’s Ice Cream has stolen our hearts with its delicious tubs of natural, craft ice cream. Made in Somerset, their ingredients are fresh (the milk comes from their own herd of Holstein Friesian cows) and flavours irresistible; choose 4 tubs or more - from the likes of Cinnamon Toast, Chocolate 2.0, Roasted Strawberry and Salted Caramel. 

    All orders from Brickell are shipped overnight from Tuesday to Thursday. 

    A Candle Making Kit

    This one’s a slow burn: spend hours together mixing, painting, varnishing and setting your own perfectly unique candles. 

    The Sculpd Candle Making Kit (for two) arrives with everything you need for an afternoon at the kitchen table crafting candle and candle-pot. When complete, strike a match, sit back and bask in the glow of your creativity. 

    A Special Chocolate Gifting Box

    Embracing all possibilities, The “I Love You” Boxis the gift for anyone you care about.

    It contains a special Valentine’s collection of four bars:Togo Swiss Milk 44%, Ecuador Dark Milk 60%, Rye Crumb, Milk and Sea Salt 60% and Sourdough & Sea Salt 66%. They arrive boxed and covered with our signature embossed sleeve in raspberry pink. 

    (Please note that this product is currently not available on our online store). 

    A Dose of Nature

    Whatever the occasion, Unyoked prescribes nature. 

    It comes in the form of private cabins tucked away in six locations around the UK (there’s Akash in the Welsh Black Mountains, and Esme hidden in ancient West Sussex woodland). This could be a new space to enjoy each other's company or indulge in your own. Take snacks and delicious supplies (there’s a stove for making hot chocolate).

    A Magazine Subscription 

    FARE is a magazine with a focus on food and travel (each issue traces the ‘tastes, textures and triumphs’ of a particular city). 

    On weekends together, pour over the pages and plot your next adventure; charting destinations with a food-first philosophy. 

    A Love Story

    Tell it with Papier’s The Valentine’s Day Mini - a beautiful hardback book you can customise with photos, filling the pages with tokens of togetherness.

    Note: the estimated time from order to delivery is 5 days; order on the 9th at the latest to arrive before the 14th. 

    A Feast 

    For a fresh take on Valentine’s dining traditions, have a meal in a wild spot.

    FIRE + WILD hosts outdoor dining experiences in East Sussex - complete with seasonal dishes, wood fired cooking, wild cocktails and local wines. While the meal won’t happen on the 14th (their calendars are full for February) book for a later date in the spirit of Valentine’s.  

    In case you would like to treat others, they have gift-vouchers too. 

    A Chocolate Heart Lolly

    Adorable lollies, made with our Madagascar Milk 58% craft chocolate and hand wrapped in burgundy foil. 

    These are guaranteed to uplift the heart when snuck into a pocket or pressed in a palm.