Pump Street Chocolate

Sample Saturday Menu




Cold pressed carrot and ginger juice 4.00

Strawberry and mint frappe 4.75

Kale, pear, lime and apple smoothie 5.50

Cacao, Almond, date and flax smoothie 5.50


Almond granola, strawberries, Greek yoghurt 5.50

Baguette or toasted sourdough, Fen Farm raw butter, preserves 3.50

Brioche bacon bun, house ketchup 6.00

Smashed avocado toast, piment d’espelette, lemon 6.00


Skillet eggs and sourdough toast, Fen Farm raw butter 6.00

           Add avocado 2.00   

           Add Ham      2.50                                                             

           Add bacon    2.50

           Add smoked salmon 2.50                                                            


Brioche French toast, crispy bacon, banana, maple syrup 8.50                                                               


Lunch from noon


Butternut squash and apple soup, sourdough  6.00



Buffalo mozzarella, roasted pepper and capers  9.50

Beetroot borani, feta, walnuts, dill and onion seed (a Moro recipe) 7.50

Fig, prosciutto and ricotta 8.50

Ortiz Sardines and pickled fennel 9.50


Scoop of ice cream – ask for available flavours 2.50 each


Please speak with your server

if you have any allergies

or special dietary requirements.