• Hot Cross Buns and Hot Cross Bun 60% Chocolate

    by Joanna Brennan March 15, 2023 1 min read

    Hot Cross Buns and Hot Cross Bun 60% Chocolate


    Nothing heralds the arrival of Spring like the sight and scent of pillowy hot cross buns appearing out of the oven at our bakehouse. They are sold fresh daily in our bakery, Wednesday to Sunday, from the beginning of March through Easter Sunday. Best enjoyed lightly toasted with toothmark-thick slabs of cold butter, or for the adventurous, filled with crispy streaky bacon. 

    To turn this bouncy bun into our craft chocolate Hot Cross Bun bar, our bakehouse team first bakes a special batch of buns, leaving out the currants (these will come later), but still rich with the aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and allspice.

    These buns are then turned into breadcrumbs, which are added to the conching stage of our 60% chocolate made with beans from Hacienda Victoria in Ecuador. This process grinds cocoa nibs with the crumbs, along with cane sugar, into a smooth mixture that is infused with the flavour of whole hot cross buns and ready to be transformed into bars.  

    Finally, before the bars are set they are studded with plump Vostizza currants, creating a satisfying chewiness and completing our chocolate tribute to the beloved hot cross bun, made from bean to bar by us in Suffolk.

    Our Hot Cross Bun 60% chocolate is available in both our 70g bar but also in our new Hot Cross Bun 60% Chicken, with four eggs

    Image Credit: Emma Pudge