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The Chocolates - Box of Six

Taking the unique flavours and signature ingredients of some of our beloved bars, in collaboration with the internationally renowned chocolatier and caramelier Fifth Dimension Chocolates, we bring to you a curated collection of six luxury chocolates. Each offers a unique experience, from the smooth, fruity and slightly boozy Eccles chocolate, to the delicate crunch and malty flavours found in the Sourdough and Sea Salt chocolate.

Each box containsSOURDOUGH & SEA SALT Inspired by a Pump Street classic, anticipate a little outer shell crunch, united with a centre of smooth malty ganache. RYE CRUMB, MILK & SEA SALT With a creamy, slightly nutty outer shell inspired by the popular Pump Street Rye Crumb bar, married with a smooth caramel centre. GIANDUJA A luxurious homemade gianduja filling encased in a shell made with Pump Street St Vincent 75% chocolate, with flavor notes of cream sherry and dried figs. JAMAICA Using Pump Street Jamaica 75% chocolate, a shell and ganache with flavours of sweet and juicy berries, with a distinct honeyed rum finish. MADAGASCAR Featuring Pump Street Madagascar 72% chocolate, a shell and ganache with flavours of citrus mellowing into tropical fruits, ending with balanced acidity. ECCLES A crunchy Modica style shell adorned with sugar crystals, with a raisin and brandy filled centre, reminiscent of the Pump Street Eccles cake.

Ingredients- varies by chocolate; each chocolate individually labeled on the back of the box. We also handle dairy, gluten & nuts on the premises.