This majestic 1 kg panettone is baked in our bakery in Orford, Suffolk to a traditional Italian recipe. Using only natural yeast to make it rise, the dough is light, tender and delicately scented with honey and orange peel.

The top is coated with ground hazelnuts and sprinkled with sugar nibs to make a delicious crust. Each panettone is wrapped individually to keep it fresh, and comes in a custom panettone box with gift tag. It matures in the first week after it was baked and will keep at least until Christmas if kept sealed.

Storage And Life

An unopened panettone will keep well for months - once opened, enjoy as soon as possible to have it at its best. Should you have any left over, store in a plastic bag or airtight container to keep fresh. Panettone also makes excellent toast and bread and butter pudding.

Ingredients -flour (wheat),sultanas, butter (milk),egg (egg), candied orange: glucose-fructose syrup, sugar (contains residual sulphur dioxide), sugar, hazelnuts (nuts), milk (milk), water, honey, salt, alcohol, malt extract (wheat, barley), naturally-occurring yeast. (We also handle seeds on the premises). We also handle gluten, dairy, nuts & seeds on the premises.