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Jamaica Milk 56% & Coffee

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New from December 2016, Pump Street is delighted to bring you our Chocolate & Coffee series; making a perfect marriage of two great beans.

These are our first bars featuring ingredients sourced beyond our bakery and chocolate manufacture. Staying true to our promise to use only directly traded, single estate beans, we are delighted to be using coffee beans from Raja Batak in North Sumatra, Indonesia roasted in London by Monmouth Coffee Company. We have chosen this coffee for its remarkable ability to harmonise with our Jamaican chocolate.

These coffee beans, which were treated on the farm using the honey process method, have a distinct sweet spiciness which pairs exceptionally well with our Bachelor's Hall cocoa from St. Thomas, Jamaica.

Ingredients - cocoa beans, cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, milk powder, coffee beans. We also handle gluten, dairy & nuts on the premises.